Hello happy people!

It's been a long time since I updated this and lots has happened between now and then. I'm going to attempt to keep updating regularly now even if it's just for myself (but if you're enjoying what I'm writing please feel free to drop me a message saying so and if there's anything you'd like me to go into further detail with).

Since I last updated the blog I've done some interesting things, I performed at the Mother of the Nation festival in Abu Dhabi, spent a few months as a resident magician and juggler at a show called the House of Illusion in Spain, been working as a juggling/manipulation coach at Circus Central in Newcastle (UK), had a show in Salalah, Oman (it was lovely there, I'd definitely like to go back), been to a few festivals, spent a few days at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, had a gig at a castle in Germany, have just come back from doing my first cruise ship gig and am now going into production of a new act thanks to the Arts Council backing an application I sent them. Phew, that was a longer list than I'd expected.

Rather than going into detail of all of this in this post I'm going to do a couple to break them down and tell you a bit more about what happened rather than briefly summarizing them all in one go.

Hope you're all having fun!