Boing boing!

So we've finished our first week at West Mersea. It's been a pretty quiet week on the whole, walks out on the beach (as it's only about a minute away from the site), lots of ice cream, going out ticketing along the beach and Morwen went to the jewellery shop and got some shiny new necklaces and earrings.

Shows have been OK, nothing that stood out enough to comment on though.

This week we have matinee shows all week which will hopefully fill up as the first show is about the time that people seem to have had enough of being on the beach and looking for something else to do.

I've got a bit of new magic bits and pieces on the way which I'm quite excited about, I'll tell you more about it when it arrives though as I want to test everything and make sure it lives up to what I hope for.

Until next time, stay charged and have fun!