Boing boing!

This week's update is for Great Dunmow, an old market town near Stansted Airport.

We set up on a massive field which may have been larger than the actual town and as we're doing week long stands now we set up the animal tent just in case of bad weather. The high street had a lot of caf├ęs of which we tried a few of all which were very nice (even if sometimes the staff were a little overzealous).

Speaking of bad weather we had a bit of a storm on Friday night which included horizontal forked lightning which was something I'd never seen before and some strong winds which sprung up in the middle of night. During the high winds we all got up and pulled the ropes tighter on the tents as there's a risk of the canvas tearing or in extreme situations the ropes snapping and tents flying away (not a common occurrence but better safe than sorry, right?)

It's incredibly muggy and humid in Great Dunmow, hardly any breeze to keep the air fresh which means it's really hot inside the tent, I sometimes can't stand being in there as it causes me to sweat like a waterfall which must look so attractive when I'm out on stage.

We opened on Thursday and we nearly sold out which is always good and a full house means the audience is generally really good to perform to, Friday was a little quieter but we had repeat customers so if nothing else the people there enjoyed the show. On Saturday Morwen went off to her cousins' wedding and we finished the show slightly earlier as solo adagio doesn't exist outside of a few peoples senses of humour. Sunday morning we pulled down the animal tent and Morwen and her family got back in time for getting ready and her family got to see her performing (something my family haven't managed to accomplish in the many years that I've been a performer) and they enjoyed the show and said nice things about our act.

After the show we pulled down and moved to West Mersea, a seaside town on a little island. We're here for the next 2 weeks and thankfully there's almost always a refreshing breeze.

Set up took a while longer than normal as it's a really hard ground (we're on a carpark area which even though it's grassy seems like there's solid rock under the turf) and generally that wouldn't be too bad as we'd only put in every other stake but as there's always a bit or more of wind we put in every one and didn't get that finished until after 11 when we'd normally be halfway finished for the day by then. To make things a little more interesting one of the children was quite ill and had to be taken to see a doctor which meant we were down a couple of people for some of the build up. When we were finally done it was getting near to 4 o'clock as opposed to the 1 o'clock finish time we're normally closer to.

Today we went for a look around some of the town and it's a nice enough place and we found somewhere that makes their own salted caramel ice cream, so good! We also found a jewellery store full of shiny stuff that captured Morwen's attention and if we'd had more money on us I'm pretty sure we'd have come out with nearly half the store, to be fair when we go back we'll come out with things that look nice on stage and Morwen does like sparkly shiny stuff ;) We also went to a laundrette as those are few and far between, the last one that we went to was at least a month and a half ago so needless to say we took advantage of the opportunity to not have to hand wash our laundry.

We've got no power at this site aside from generator power in the evenings which means our fridge doesn't keep things cool, lots of canned meals for us for the next couple of weeks, apparently it's going to be the same at the next site too.

I think that's everything for now, until next time stay charged and have fun!