Boing boing!

Only 3 locations this time and we're officially out the other side of split weeks, happy days!

After an amazing week in Sawston we went up the road to Steeple Bumpstead (I have to catch myself quite often to stop from laughing aloud at some of these place names) and to a tiny little site which the circus has never been to before and seemingly was where everyone took their dogs for walks to do their business and not clean up after them.

It was a very small town, when we went out for a walk it only took us about 15 minutes to walk all the way around it but it was a very busy little place with lots of through traffic which we had been hoping would draw in a few people, it didn't but at least we didn't have to cancel any shows...

After a very quiet few days we packed up and moved onto Thaxted. Here we set up next to a football field and a playground. Thaxted is a very picturesque town with a massive church and is the town where Dick Turpin (an infamous highwayman of olde times) lived, his house was on the high street and although you couldn't go inside it was an interested building to look at from the outside as were a lot of the buildings in town.

We're down a member of staff now so it's become a bit more rushed during the shows with everyone having to take turns on sound and lighting between getting changed and stage handing, everyone's coping really well though.

Thankfully that was the end of split weeks and we spent a week in Hatfield Heath which is close to the town I lived in before moving to NZ, we didn't go and visit it but when we finish with the show we'll be close enough to go check it out before heading up to start at the Polichinelo Acrobatics school in Liverpool in September.

We opened on Wednesday and had some interesting crowds, everything from over enthusiastic groups who shouted and screamed with excitement the whole time through to unruly children who kept jumping on the seats and running round during the show (they had to be told off by the ringmaster a few times). For the first time this season we had a sell-out on the closing day (normally quite a quiet day).

We've just finished setting up in Great Dunmow and don't open til Thursday so there's going to be a couple of days of training coming up and on that note, I'm off now, have a good one and see you next time.

Stay charged and have fun!