Boing boing!

Hello again and sorry for the delay in updating.

We've been carrying on in our split weeks but seemingly the end is nigh!


We pulled in on Wednesday (4th of June) night and set up the animal tent for the first time in a while as we were expecting rain this stand. Shows started on Thursday night and as usual the first night was near sold out. We had a local guy, Jamie, come and help out a bit with build up and tear down, he helped repaint some of the stakes as they were getting really hard to see later at night. We had good turn outs throughout the stand and the shows went well. On Saturday it was my lovely girlfriend Morwen's birthday! We had a few drinks and chilled out in the sun after the show til people got sleepy/hungry and went off for the night. We pulled off the site on Sunday night after the show and started setting up at Witchford the same night.


Due to getting things started the night before we finished build up quite early on Monday which was nice. We were set up behind a community hall and next to a playground so it was quite a busy site with people and their children around most of the day the whole time we were there. It was a smaller town than Streatham and the crowds were smaller and quieter. Wednesday night we moved on to Haddenham.


It was only a short move to Haddenham and back towards Streatham for a while from Witchford but again a short move means getting some of the build up jobs done on moving night which in turn means more time to chill out the next day. We were on a big field with a skatepark/playground off to one side, a zip line behind us and a school over the fence behind the zip line so it was even busier than Witchford. We had a barbecue one day as it was between Morwen's, my own and Julie's (our sound and lighting technician) birthdays, kind of a way to say Happy Birthday to us all at the same time. It was my birthday on Sunday but being as that's a tear down day it was rather busy and I didn't really have a chance to do anything to celebrate it.


It was a quick move to Waterbeach as we had help moving this time from a friend of the owners and his family who work fun fairs. As we had enough done in the first trip we started putting the tent up super early and with many people helping had the whole tent up that night which meant only moving in the props the next day. We were on the village green and it had paths running through it so we had to split the site in two with a pathway down the middle which once again meant lots of people around. It was kind of weird having them walking through the middle of everything but it was only a couple of days and the shows went well.


It was a big mission to get to Whittlesford which was made longer by one of the vehicles breaking down mid trip which meant our caravan didn't get moved until the last trip we didn't wind up arriving on site until after 1 am. We were next to a cool old wooden playground on the recreation grounds there so we had a lot of young families walking past all the time which boosted door sales and ticket sales in general which was good. Morwen and I went out for a walk after we got everything set up and stumbled across an interesting antique store where the staff were very interested in what life with a circus is like and one of them worked with a group called Children of Chernobyl which organises exchange trips for the kids where they come over for a month to see what life can be like in a more settled environment. The group came to see the show the next day.


A week long stand! It's over today but we've been here a whole week and the days we had off before we opened (Ok, they weren't really days off but days where we had less to do) felt a bit strange. We did a bit of training, went for a walk around the town, did some more training, went out handing out vouchers, trained again, tried to help out with other bits and pieces then trained some more yet again. The family refer to this town as Sell-Out Sawston and it's been living up to it's name, we have full crowds every night and most of the merch/F&B stuff does tend to sell out, so have our balloon animals which has been nice. It's just before our last show now and I ought to go and start packing down the caravan so there's less to do after tear down.

Til next time, stay charged and have fun!