Boing boing!

Welcome back to another blog update. We recently started doing 2 stands a week which is a bit more intense.

We started the split weeks in Feltwell (insert stupid joke here) on a parking lot for the recreation grounds, interesting spot to be as half of it was grass and the other half gravel and as we arrived while it was still light we put the pegs in before turning in for the night (putting the pegs in wasn't the easiest of jobs). It was an interesting first night as Marbles (one of the horses) freaked out, bolted out of the enclosure and tore down the fences for the llamas as well which put them all on edge as they ran around the lot in the dark. Nuzzle, one of the llamas, got outside the lot and onto the road and he's an easily spooked creature at the best of times, let alone after a horse has run through his space while he's trying to sleep. Luckily none of the animals grazed themselves on the pegs which was a stroke of good fortune, Claire and Todd managed to catch them and put them into their pens for the night.

The first show we did in Feltwell was on Tuesday and as we always offer £5 tickets for the opening night we had a good crowd who really got into the show, one guy was very enthusiastic in particular, clapping and cheering for every little thing that happened. I've started performing 5 club juggling in the show now (the first time I've ever performed 5 clubs in a show, a big moment for me!) and it's been going really well, no tricks in it yet but for most people even seeing 5 clubs up in the air is an impressive enough thing in and of itself, as I get it tidied up I'll add more in and drop out some of my 3 club tricks. Our aerialist Jasmine was struck by sickness and was unfortunately unable to perform in the shows in Feltwell.

After 2 shows in Feltwell we packed up and headed to Beck Row where we set up where they have a car boot sale every Sunday and right next door to the barracks of a British/American Air Force base. We had been hoping that the families on the base would bring their children over for the show but we had no one turn up for the first show, a handful of people come to the second and no one came after the boot sale on Sunday which meant that we packed down early. I came down with a bug after the show on Saturday and was hit hard by it on Sunday resulting in me being kicked off the tent down mission and tent up on Monday, it's been lasting through and I'm still feeling the effects of it today, hopefully I'll be feeling better for tear down tonight.

Soham was next, I can't really say much about the place as I was ill pretty much the whole time. We set up on a field behind a pub and were about a 15 min walk from town which was a bit of a mission in my state. We were only there for 3 days and only had a show on one of those days with the second show not getting enough people to do the show (still better than Beck Row though!) which meant an early pull down again (I wasn't feeling so bad this time so I was able to help pull down) and an earlier shift to the next town than anticipated.

Now we're in Stratham and have finished putting the tent up, we've got a bit of time to relax now (which is good as I may have over exerted myself and am feeling under the weather again) before our first show here at 6pm tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, stay charged and have fun!