Boing boing!

Welcome to another entry in my blog, this time it's for a town called Mildenhall which is really close to an RAF base and Brandon.

We were on the recreational ground for Mildenhall which was conveniently right behind a supermarket and next to a lovely river you could walk along and had Canadian geese and swans with signets living on it, Morwen took some photos of the signets which are attached.



The carpark for the supermarket was apparently the local hangout for the boy racers in town who did laps until 10 or so every night until the cops would come and chase them off. I really don't understand boy racers doing laps of a carpark (or in general for that matter) where they get to go up a whole gear before running out of room and having to drop back, turn around and then do it again. To be fair, it's probably better that they do it there instead on the incredibly narrow roads where you can barely pass another car at a crawl let alone at high speeds but still...

Crowds at Mildenhall were really good, they joined in with the show and children in the crowd really screamed loudly when the ghosts came out ;)

Morwen and I have started adjusting our acro routine and will be unveiling a new incarnation of it possibly next week or the week after with new music and some different tricks.

Being as close as we were to an airforce base there were a lot of planes and helicopters flying very low overhead and being military training craft they were all unmarked and unpainted (first time seeing grey planes for this one) and they went on until about 3 in the morning.

There was an outdoor bodyweight gym that we used for conditioning a few times and a swimming pool when it got too hot (luxury!).

Everybody's getting into the swing of things being on tour now and moving days are getting a lot easier as we all know what we're doing and not taking twice as long by asking what needs to be done every few minutes, just cracking on and getting it done.

Brandon was next, we set up behind a 5-a-side football court that was busy most nights quite late.

I discovered that couriers here in England are muppets when we bought some rigging equipment for a trapeze Morwen got a few stands ago, they drove up to the circus and despite the name of the circus being on the parcel thought that someone was playing a prank on them and didn't even check to see if anyone was around (we were training in the tent and there's a sign outside with a bell above it saying ring bell for attention) so they took it away and now we have to wait until the parcel is returned to the supplier before they can repost it, hopefully they'll check next time it's delivered.

I've started demo'ing and selling spinning plates before the show for the circus and had an amazing moment on opening night when I fell over backwards whilst balancing one on my nose and took out the table with Claire's clown makeup and mirror on it, no damage done but it was a hilarious event that had the people who had arrived early in good spirits. The shows went well and even a small crowd one night were enthusiastic enough to make it feel like we were full.

We're doing split weeks now, 2 towns a week. We've just moved to Feltwell where we'll stay until Wednesday then we move to Beck Row til Sunday, this is going to be the norm for the next month which is going to be a bit more tiring with 2 tent ups and downs each week and will make recovering our parcel a bit challenging.

More later, thanks for stopping by.

Have fun and stay charged!