Boing boing!

So there's been a bit of a delay in an update for which I apologise, while we were in Tattingstone (a tiny little village which is basically just a pub, a school and a lake) there was no internet connection on site.

We set up in a massive back yard of the local pub in Tattingstone which while really big was only just big enough to fit the circus on. It was a good site with the exception of a horrible flower which gave me the worst hay fever I've had in years which made performing a bit of a challenge (trying to juggle or balance your girlfriend above your head while stifling a sneeze is hard work) but thankfully I made it through without sneezing on stage (just!).

The crowds were small but responded really well and we got a lot of really good feedback after every show.

We made a couple of group trips to the pub for dinner and drinks (it'd be rude not to as we were in their backyard), a charming wee pub with some lively characters who I'm pretty sure lived in the caravans out the back of the pub.

I saw the most hilarious form of entertainment in the middle of the road, I wish I'd stopped to get the camera on the way but by the time I thought of it the show was over. It's called Morris dancing, a bunch of men dressed in white shirts, embroidered waistcoats, knee high socks with bells on the garters and wave little white handkerchiefs around as they skip, hop and prance around each other, apparently it's been around for nearly 600 years.

Suffice to say after almost non stop sneezing I was quite happy when we pulled away from Tattingstone on Saturday instead of Sunday and even happier to discover that the site in Long Melford hasn't got a single bush or flower anywhere near us. It was Morwen's first time towing the caravan this time and she didn't crash even when some nutter over took us on the inside lane and nearly hit the caravan.

We had an exciting start to our visit here when we discovered a small fire under the caravan where some of the wires had come loose during the trip down and shorted each other out when we pulled onto the site.

Long Melford is a very very long straight road with lots of antique/vintage stores and an alarming amount of pubs/hotels. We went out to the Cock and Bell (it seems that almost every pub in England is the 'Something and Somewhat') for dinner a couple of nights ago which is a flame grill steakhouse, really really good!

The crowds here are really good, we had to turn people away on opening night as we sold out for the first time this season. Morwen and I have added a new trick into our routine which has been getting good reactions and again lots of nice comments after the shows. We've got 2 more days here and then I'm not sure where we're off to next (I think we head up northwards again) but I hope it's as good for the show as it has been here. Wherever it is it won't be far as we don't really move more than 30 miles (for those who work in km's that's about 50km) between each stand.

I've started getting some videos of parts of the show and the set up/tear down process so once I've edited them to make a little video I'll put that up so you can all see what's going on here.

Stay charged and have fun,




So it turns out I forgot to add a stand, the one before Tattingstone, Saxmundham.

Sax was a lovely town where we set up near the Scout's hall and water tower and just behind one of the local schools. The shows went well and the crowds were good. I started filming tent up but unfortunately I didn't have a big enough memory card to film the whole thing so I set out on a mission to find a bigger one, 3 weeks later I have finally found one so next tent up I'll get the whole set up and make a quick video up.

We had a rather strange young lady try to start a fight with the llamas from the other side of the fence that we watched from our caravan, she spent a good 10 minutes trying to get them to respond to her making stupid faces and trying to be gangsta, it was hilarious as the llamas are pretty much the most chill creatures I've met and just stood there looking confused.

That's about all I can say about Sax, time to head of for some training now ;)