Boing boing!

So we're nearing the end of our first week in our 2 week stand at Southwold and to be honest it's been a bit grim. The weather has been incredible but that means that everyone's going down to the beach instead of coming to see the show and we've had to call off our evening shows each day as we haven't had enough people coming to see the show. To be fair, Southwold is a day trip seaside town so most people who are here come to go to the beach and have a family day rather than to see the circus but we'll see what the weekend has in store for us. From the first we decided to only do afternoon shows in the weekend and we've been having enough people come along to the afternoon shows (just) that we haven't had to cancel any of those so hopefully we'll be ok today and tomorrow.

We have the day off on Monday so we're thinking about hitting up the beach that everyone seems to be spending all their time at if the weather's good.

I've started working on a magic act to put in the show now and hopefully I'll be able to add it in but it might be a case of using it if someone is unwell or unable to perform their act.

I've replaced the original clubs that I bought for the show as they were a bit light for my liking, I now have the clubs I like to use (PX3's if anybody wanted to know) and my juggling act is running a lot more smoothly as a result.

I'll put up some photos in a bit, no videos as yet as I'm waiting for some mounts for my GoPro to arrive so I can get some angles that I want.

That's all for now.

Stay charged,