Boing boing!

If you've found your way here then that means that you're interested in what I'm up to and at the moment that's being on tour with Circus Tyanna in England.

We're just put the finishing touches on the tent and the show opens tomorrow for 2 weeks here in Southwold (if you know anyone in the area then give them a shout and tell them to come see the show) over the Easter holidays.

The crew is a family of 5, Todd, our ringmaster and Rola Bola performer, Claire, the main clown, Wendy (Todd's mum), who works the pigeons and the goats and finally the two children, Tyanna (7) who helps with the pigeons and does a glass balancing act and Laken (4) who is a clown. The rest of the crew is our roustabout, Sean, his girlfriend (who has just arrived and does lights and sound), my lovely girlfriend Morwen and myself. We have another girl who has joined us today, Jasmine, who will do aerials in the show for a couple of weeks and possibly again later in the season. We also have a couple of Shetland ponies (Baby and Flash), a regular pony (Marble), a pair of Llamas (Nuzzle and Scratch), pigeons (too many to remember their names), some runner ducks (a flightless variety of ducks), an obnoxious oversized goose (Gander) and some goats (whose names I haven't learned as frankly I don't like them and they shit everywhere including under my feet as I go on stage to balance Morwen on said feet, bastards!)

So far we've done 3 shows in a town called Bungay. I'm opening the show with my juggling act and Morwen and I are performing a duo acrobatics act known as Adagio in the second half. We've been told to spice our act up a bit as we're the 'sexy, glamorous performers' (so says the boss) in the show (read as: the ones that the mum's and dad's come to perve on as an excuse to take the kids to the circus) ;) We've been rocking the acts though and the crowds have been loving us.

Life on tour isn't all glitz and glamour though. On our first moving mission one of the trucks clutch broke and resulted in what should have been a 4 hour move become a 7 hour move. Our accommodations are good for a circus in my experience, we have our own caravan which even has a shower/toilet and kitchen in it, it's nice not having to get up and run across a muddy field in the middle of the night to go to the toilet when the need arises. There have been some hiccups with the caravan though as it was a last minute arrangement as the previous accommodation the had been arranged for us turned out to have rusty axles and wouldn't have survived moving days. The taps in the kitchen leak from the base when they turn on and are in the process of being replaced which means that we have to keep a bucket of water in the caravan for drinking, tea and washing up (not the biggest problem in the world, I know, but it will be nice when it's been fixed and we don't have to run around trying to find the hose or be chased away from it by the goose). While it's great having a kitchen in the caravan it does mean that we eat separately from the rest of the crew which can be nice but also takes away from the family feel that existed when I was with Circus Aotearoa where everyone ate together and dinner was cooked by an amazing chef.

Tent up and down are a lot easier than I was expecting. Taking it down takes about 3 hours on a windy day as we don't have to undo the big top from the ridge-bar or unlace the halves of the big top, just fold them in while still up and roll them onto the truck before lowering the ridge-bar in between the 2 halves. Tent up, even with just 5 of us, takes less than a day to do due to it being a small (for a circus) tent. The top and ridge-bar stay connected during moves so we don't have to roll out the pieces of the top and lace them together but just winch them off the trailer and as the ridge-bar is already connected no need to lug it into place. The seating only took about half an hour to 45 minutes to get set up and the side walls even less time.

I'll put some videos and pictures up soon as I still haven't taken any but I've got some cool ideas for angles around the tent.

That's all for now folks, stay charged and have fun!