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Simon fire spinning All the juggling toys you'll ever need and great people to boot.


Tony really knows his unis... this is the ultimate unicycle site. Now serving twelve countries.


This juggler-friendly historic villa is an easy 10 minute stroll from the centre of town. And it's probably the most interesting accomodation you'll find in Picton, New Zealand. Highly recommended!

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Fire spinning

A few acknowledgements

Simon would like to thank the following people for the inspiration, advice, time, leg ups and encouragement which helped him get to where he is today.
  • The Blingling Bros - The Blinglings are the reason I am a circus performer instead of just an enthusiast, they are... Mark Williams - The first juggler I met who showed me that it could be more than just a hobby and for believing in me. And... Paul Klassen - A brilliant entertainer whose energy and presence have been an inspiration since we first met.
  • Mitchell Pitch - Without whom I would not have enrolled for CircoArts and would have missed out on an amazing experience that changed my life.
  • Adrian Kirk - My juggling coach at CircoArts and who has taught me much and more about the art of street performing.
  • Nathan Kerr - My trampolining, tumbling and stilts coach as well as someone I am proud to call a friend.
  • Chuck Berry - For always having a trick up your sleeve when you came to visit and having the patience to watch me when I had learned a new trick.
  • Stanislav Schukin - You wonderful, crazy, hilarious man. My adagio and equilibristics coach.
  • Holly Wademan and Flame - The crew who first taught me how to play with fire and for igniting the spark that grew into a passion.
  • Cirque du Soleil - For taking me on tour and opening my eyes to what a full scale touring circus experience is like.
  • Circus Aotearoa - Damien and Paddy Gordon, Irene Goed and the crew. Thank you for a wonderful experience and for giving me my first taste of performing in a traveling circus and all of the joys associated with it.
  • Noel Coutts - For telling me to stay my course.
  • My family - For believing in me and for everything else.
  • My CircoArts family - For everything we went through together, it was an amazing ride and I feel privileged to have been there.

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