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Initially training with Circo Arts in Christchurch New Zealand, Simon relocated to Melbourne Australia to continue developing his talents with NICA. This has given him a firm grounding in a variety of circus disciplines including juggling, acrobatics (tumbling and partner), unicycling, stilt walking, slack and tightline and handbalance. He has travelled and performed throughout New Zealand with circuses, in festivals and as a solo street performer.


Simon's primary skill is juggling - with fire, clubs, balls, acrylic balls, knives and almost anything else which comes to hand. Part of his current street show involves juggling knives while riding a board on top of a cylinder ("rola bola"), balanced on the top of a table, blindfolded. As you can imagine, this trick is extremely popular with crowds. This video shows Simon juggling with Circus Tyanna in England.


One of Simon's specialties at CircoArts and NICA was acrobatics. Simon started trampolining when he was 13 and had his old trampolining coach (Nathan Kerr) as his tumbling coach at CircoArts. The rapport that already existed between them allowed Simon to progress quickly to become an accomplished tumbler. Simon also trained in Adagio (partner acrobatics) which combines lifts, balances and acrobatics to produce a wonderful dance. This video was shot while Simon and Morwen were touring the UK with Circus Tyanna.


Simon performs with Ninja Rings Juggling bottles while you serve with style is quite an art. Simon studied under Lisandro Walfisch, New Zealand Bartenders Guild 2008 Champion who represented NZ at the 2009 IBA (International Bartenders Association) World Championships. Simon brings an entertainer's panache to the process, keeping customers simultaneously amazed, amused and well-served.


Simon's magic and sleight of hand abilities are guaranteed to bring gasps of delight from audiences. His talents as a specialist bar magician is behind his fascinating "walkabout magic" - mingling with crowds and performing tricks up close with small groups. He was invited to perform as a walkabout magician for Cirque du Soleil cast and crew in Auckland, NZ.

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